Gwendolyn Purdom
February 02, 2018 11:15 am

You never know what quality it is about a potential significant other that may just light a spark. Sometimes it’s a dedication to charitable work. Sometimes it’s a similar sense of humor. For Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman’s characters in action comedy Game Night, though, it seems to be a shared passion for fun facts about the Teletubbies — and beating all their less competitive friends at trivia.

The pair’s knack for all things competitive keeps the romantic flame burning in the new Game Night trailer — and we have to tell you, we certainly wouldn’t want to go up against them at Monopoly.

Game Night follows a tame-looking group of couples, including Bateman and McAdams, whose regular Parcheesi parties get a dangerous upgrade when one player (Friday Night Lights‘ Kyle Chandler) trades in the game board for a death-defying adventure complete with kidnappers and car chases. In the new trailer, Bateman’s Max and McAdams’ Annie are definitely in the spotlight more than they were in the previous trailer, and we get a solid look at their always-be-winning mentality.

Their relationship appears to have kicked off when both answered the same bar trivia question (about said Teletubbies) correctly, and the chemistry continues from there. Though later in the trailer, Annie and Max seem to have chilled out a bit from the new couple making out in a subway car we first meet, their love of a competitive thrill is clearly still alive (even if that thrill is only about finding a great new corn chowder recipe, which, we get it, is super exciting).

See for yourselves!

Aside from Bateman, McAdams, and Coach Taylor, er, Chandler, the movie features Jesse Plemons as a creepy-looking cop, Kylie Bunbury, Chelsea Peretti, Lamorne Morris, Billy Magnussen, and more. Game Night hits theaters March 2nd, and we can’t wait!