Kelli Bamforth
Updated Sep 28, 2018 @ 11:14 am

It’s no secret that life for millennials is a lot different from what our parents and grandparents experienced. At least now we have a board game that more accurately reflects our daily struggles. That’s right, toy and board game company Hasbro is about to release a Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis edition. And from what we’ve read so far, it’s painfully—and hilariously—accurate.

The traditional Game of Life herds players through the seemingly breezy process of going to college, choosing a career, having a family, and retiring. The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis edition, though, simulates a few real-world problems millennials know all too well: taking forever to find a job, facing insurmountable student loan debt, and even dropping your phone in the toilet or calling in sick to binge-watch television. (Hey, no judging.)

Hasbro will release Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis as part of its new parody collection. Along with the revamped Game of Life, other updated games will include Botched Operation, Sorry! Not Sorry!, Mystery Date: Catfished, and Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas, according to Cosmopolitan. The new Clue sounds eerily similar to the movie The Hangover, in which a group of friends wake up in Vegas after a night of debauchery to discover their friend is missing.

Hasbro’s Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis and other parody games will be available Monday, October 1st in Target stores and on, according to PopSugar.

Games will retail for $20 apiece.

It may sound depressing to have to battle crippling student loan debt in a game (isn’t the real world hard enough?). But perhaps we’re better off finding the humor in our struggles. So, who’s ready to pop open a bottle of wine and schedule game night with your job-searching, Tinder-dating, bad-tattoo-getting millennial friends?