Listen, snow isn't for everyone, and that's fine.
Gabrielle Union
Credit: Karwai Tang, Getty Images

Despite living in a warm climate, Gabrielle Union wanted to introduce her daughter Kaavia James to the wondrous world of winter sledding ahead of Christmas. The Union-Wade family set up a sledding hill in their backyard with the help of hay bales and faux snow, and it turns out, Kaavia would have rather stayed inside. Her reaction (or lack thereof) to the "fun" wintertime activity is beyond hilarious.

"So, turns out @kaaviajames is not a fan of snow or sledding!" Union captioned a December 22nd photo set showing herself and Kaavia trying out the sledding setup.

While Union's face reads, this is so great, let's go again, but Kaavia's says, Mom, are you kidding me? This absolutely sucks. Basketball player Ty Young commented, "She's so over it lol." And Zooey Deschanel added, "Her and me both!"

Kaavia's incredibly "shady" facial expressions, as her parents call them via her very own Instagram page, have won over the hearts of fans all over the world. Though Kaavia likes to smile, the thing she's smiling at better be worth working those facial muscles. Otherwise...

In fact, Union and husband Dwyane Wade tag most of Kaavia's Instagram posts with #ShadyBaby, because she is always serving some serious shade.

Maybe Kaavia's reaction to sledding is the reaction we should all have. Why are we subjecting ourselves to cold wetness when we could be soaking up the warm sun? Is going fast down a snowy hill better than lounging poolside? When you look at sledding that way, Kaavia, with her less-than-thrilled reaction, has a point.

Union tried, and Kaavia said, "no thanks." We suppose there's always next year to try sledding out again, but we wouldn't get our hopes up that the reaction will be much different.