jessica tholmer
March 03, 2018 1:32 pm
NBC / Getty Images

Group text messages are the best. Whether it’s between you and two of your best friends or between you and 10 of your best friends, it’s just the most heartwarming thing. Group texts can really cure loneliness. The only thing we love more than our own text chains? When celebs do it. Don’t you just love to think about all the powerful group text threads out there? We know about the text chain among Tina Fey and her SNL girlfriends. And now, we know that the Friends cast has a text chain of their own.

Recently, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow gushed over their supportive friendships, including their text chain with the cast of Friends. You know Friends, right? That little sitcom that was kinda popular in the ’90s? It turns out, Cox and Kudrow really do keep in close touch, and with Jennifer Aniston too, of course. That’s right — even though the show aired well before functional group text messages, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are still the best of friends.

Recently, Cox and Kudrow reunited for an event supporting first responders and discussed their loyalty to each other. Though Aniston wasn’t present, Cox and Kudrow gave us plenty of Friendlove to hold onto. After discussing just how often they are there for one another, Kudrow mentioned their group text.

As most of us know, group texts with six people are a little hard to maintain. But group texts with three are perfect. We sure wish we could catch a glimpse of those conversations! But for now, we’ll settle for the heartwarming image.

Cox and Kudrow attended Burn 60’s First Responder Studio Challenge in honor of fallen first responders. The pals often show up at similar events, which it turns out, is always on purpose.

Now, if we can just get one screenshot from the Aniston-Cox-Kudrow group thread, we would be in reunion heaven.