Jessica Booth
April 13, 2018 9:10 am
Anna Buckley/HelloGiggles

We don’t normally dread Fridays, but we’re making an exception this week. Today is Friday the 13th, and we can’t ignore the superstitions that surround the date. Friday the 13th is supposed to be one of the most unlucky days of the year — if not the most unlucky day of the year. It’s a day surrounded by bad omens, weird vibes, spooky things, and just a generally creepy atmosphere. Some people want to avoid that, but maybe you want to embrace it with some Friday the 13th gifts.

Superstitions often associated with Friday the 13th include things like black cats and, of course, the number 13. The date is also a little scary, so it typically goes hand-in-hand with mystical makings such as tarot card reading, spirits, and spooky stories. There’s also the Friday the 13th movie, which is frightening in and of itself. If you want to get into the Friday the 13th spirit, you have a lot of options out there (each one a little bit scarier than the last).

Of course, there’s no actual evidence that it’s bad luck if the 13th of the month happens to fall on a Friday…but for some, that doesn’t really mean anything. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few Friday the 13th products you should buy if you believe in superstition and dark magic. Good luck out there:

1 Black Cat Tote Bag


Black cats might be known as unlucky, but they get a bad rep! They’re also really adorable. This black cat tote bag from Valfré is perfect for groceries or shopping, or can just be used as your daily handbag.

2 White Sage Incense Kit

Urban Outfitters
$16.00 Tamed Wild Apothecary SHOP IT Opens a new window

If you want to avoid the bad vibes on Friday the 13th, burn some sage. Sage is known to clear any room of bad vibes and feelings, and it will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed. It also smells really good. This incense kit from Urban Outfitters is great if you’ve never burned it before.

3 Cat Sleep Mask


If you just want to sleep through the day completely, get this black cat sleep mask. It’s adorable and useful.

4 The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook

Free People
$39.99 Free People SHOP IT Opens a new window

Tarot cards are another way to embrace the mystical nature surrounding Friday the 13th. You can pick up a simple deck of cards, but this set is really beautiful and fun. It features a guidebook by Kim Krans to fill you in on everything you need to know, and a set of gorgeous tarot cards.

5 Spell Book Journal


This is a fun gift for someone else or just for yourself. It’s really just a blank journal that can be used as a planner, journal, or notebook, but it’s so fun.

6No Bad Vibes Candle

Dolls Kill
$25.00 Little Shop Of Oils SHOP IT Opens a new window

Another way to keep bad vibes away from you this Friday is with this candle. It’s full of delicious scents and will leave you feeling good even on this unlucky day (or really, on any day).

7Blood Of My Enemies Wine Glass

Jac Vanek

Creep everyone out with this wine glass that only works if you’re drinking a big glass of red wine. It’s spooky and pretty perfect for Friday the 13th madness.

8 “You Can’t Sit With Us” Tee

Dolls Kill

This tee is ideal for anyone who wants to wear something unique and who loves all things spooky, like Friday the 13th. The skeletons the perfect touch.

9 Friday the 13th Jason Pillow


If you’re a big fan of the Friday the 13th movie, get this killer Jason pillow. It’s frightening, but somehow also adorable?

10 Raise Hell Tee

Nasty Gal

Show Friday the 13th that you’re not about to just lie back and deal with all of that bad luck  you’re going to fight back. This is also just an awesome shirt in general.

11 Buckland’s Book Of Spirit Communications


Learn more about the spirits around us with this book by Raymond Buckland. It’s definitely interesting, but I wouldn’t recommend reading it when you’re home alone.

12 Friday the 13th Mug


This mug is a pretty cool piece of Friday the 13th merch! It makes you scared just looking at it, but don’t worry — it’s just a mug.

13Black Magic Pencils 

Dolls Kill
$5.00 SugarLuxeShop SHOP IT Opens a new window

These have to be the coolest, most badass pencils out there…and they’re perfect for Friday the 13th.