The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has always been an iconic, feel-good show—one that makes most of us light up with nostalgia. But what if it were rebooted as a modern-day tale of struggle, police brutality, and redemption? A fan-made video is attempting to answer that question. Writer Morgan Cooper created an intense, gritty three-and-a-half minute trailer for a “movie” called Bel-Air, a fish-out-of-water drama about Will’s journey.

Cooper’s trailer is wildly different from the original light-hearted sitcom, but it also keeps the same core storyline (which…like…is pretty serious now that we think about it). Will still has to move from West Philadelphia to live with his uncle in Bel-Air after a violent incident. He still has to adjust to a new place and create new relationships. His family still plays a huge role in his life.

In a post to his Instagram, Jerry Madison—who plays “new Will,” wrote,

Can this be made into a full-length feature film ASAP, please?