Pizza is, arguably, one of the best food items on the planet. The melted cheese, the savory tomato sauce, the soft-yet-crispy dough, the endless array of toppings to choose from… it’s hard to find something wrong with it. In fact, it’s safe to say that the only negative thing about buying a pizza is spending money on it. So if you want to save a few bucks and eat some delicious pizza, you’re in luck: BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is giving away free pizza — delivered to your house — this week. And no, this is not a drill.

Free pizza without even having to get dressed and leave the couch? Sign us up — along with probably everyone else in the world.

Here’s the deal: BJ’s is partnering with DoorDash to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day the right way — with free pizza, of course.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day falls on Thursday, April 5th, which means in about 48 hours, give or take some time, you could be enjoying a slice of your favorite pie for FREE.

Here’s a little sample of the free pizza you can expect:

All you need to do to get in on this awesome deal is order BJ’s pizza through DoorDash (a food delivery company along the same lines as Seamless and GrubHub) and use the promo code “DEEPDISH” at checkout. Once you do that, you’ll be the proud owner of a free mini cheese or pepperoni deep dish BJ’s pizza at no cost.

Just keep in mind that BJ’s will be giving away 30,000 of these, so you might not want to wait for those late-night cravings to get a mini pie of your own.