Credit: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

For many people, Christmas is the best holiday, while others are totally into Halloween. But then there are those of us who wait all year for 7-Eleven Day, because is there anything better than a free Slurpee in the dead of summer? Um, definitely not.

On Wednesday, July 11th — aka 7/11 — the convenience store chain is celebrating 7-Eleven Day, and that means freebies. If you’re near one of the stores, all you have to do is get there between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. local time to score your free small Slurpee (including the new featured Cap’n Crunch flavor), and if you’re hungry, you can also grab a Big Bite hot dog for just $1. Best lunch break ever?

It’s seriously that easy — show up, get your free Slurpee, and enjoy the rest of your day. What more could you want on a Wednesday?

“7-Eleven Day is a celebration, not only of our birthday, but more importantly, of our customers,” Raj Kapoor, the senior vice president of food and beverage for 7-Eleven, said in a press release. “I encourage everyone to look around the store, grab an old favorite like a Big Bite hot dog to enjoy with their free Slurpee drink, or maybe try something they haven’t. We have lots of delicious new choices in stores.”

7-Eleven said it expects to give out about nine million free slurpees today, so be sure to get in on the deal. Because the best-tasting frozen drinks are always the ones we don’t have to pay for. Happy 7-Eleven Day!