Donald Trump is once again igniting controversy with his tweets. And this time, his usual ally — the conservative Fox News — is not having it. On November 20th, Fox News host Neil Cavuto blasted Trump for recent tweets attacking the father of a UCLA basketball player and a Republican senator from Arizona.

On Sunday, November 19th, Trump attacked LaVar Ball, the father of one of the UCLA players, for failing to thank him personally for his son’s release.

Trump also attacked Senator Jeff Flake after he was caught criticizing Trump and Alabama senate nominee Roy Moore on a hot mic. Trump accused Flake of “saying bad things about your favorite president” and said that Flake’s career was “toast.”

Cavuto said Trump’s reaction was like “using a bazooka to respond to a pea shooter.” He added that Trump appeared to want “gratitude bordering on groveling.” He noted that all three basketball players had thanked the president and that Flake saved most of his ire for Moore.

Fox News has traditionally supported Trump, and it’s no secret that the president routinely watches shows like Fox & Friends. But this isn’t the first time Cavuto specifically has spoken out against Trump’s behavior.

In June, he accused the president of scapegoating the news media, and in October, he called on Trump to end his feud with Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. Basically, Cavuto’s most recent criticism of Trump is not necessarily a sign that Fox News will turn on the president, but it’s still nice to see un-presidential behavior getting called out on a network that has typically looked the other way.