Anna Sheffer
April 01, 2019 2:22 pm

While it’s true that everybody makes mistakes—even professionals—some errors are more flagrant than others. An occasional typo might not be a big deal, but calling a guest by the wrong name is significantly more embarrassing (and unacceptable). Recently, Fox News hosts on Fox & Friends issued an apology after the show ran an on-screen graphic that contained an especially glaring mistake in referencing three Central American countries.

According to Newsweekthe March 31st episode of Fox & Friends featured a segment about President Donald Trump’s recent cuts to aid for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. As the show’s hosts applauded the president’s decision, on-screen text declared “Trump Cuts Aid to 3 Mexican Countries.”

The hosts of the show did eventually notice the problem, and made a lukewarm effort to correct it. CNN reports that during the 9 a.m. show, co-host Ed Henry addressed the incident, acknowledging that “we had an inaccurate graphic onscreen while taking about this very story.”

Later, the graphic appeared to be fixed.

But the on-air correction didn’t stop Twitter from dragging Fox News for the error.

Others pointed out that there is nothing funny about mixing up Mexico and Central American countries.

One of the other Fox & Friends co-hosts, Jedediah Bila, defended Henry for his correction and condemned the media for covering the error, calling it “click-bait nonsense” in a March 31st tweet.

Mistakes happen, and Henry did acknowledge that the graphic in question was glaringly wrong. But Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are all distinct countries (and definitely not Mexico), and it’s baffling that this graphic ever even made it on air. This is just one more reason why employee diversity is so important. Hear that, Fox?