Jessica Booth
March 19, 2018 11:00 am

The first official day of spring might be just around the corner, but winter isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The East Coast is expected to get hit with a potential fourth nor’easter this week, which would be the fourth storm in March alone.  Philadelphia residents are curious about whether the nor’easter will affect the city of brotherly love, and how it stands up against the past few rounds of severe winter weather.

The good news? There’s a big possibility that this nor’easter could be less severe than the previous ones. The bad news? As of Monday morning, March 19th, CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said that the storm was tracking closer to the coast than the day before, which means there’s a higher chance for snow in big East Coast cities. However, we still have a decent amount of time before the storm hits, and there’s a chance that it will go further offshore, which would mean little to no snow.

In terms of Philly specifically, the storm will start moving into the area during the day on Tuesday, March 20th, and last through Wednesday, March 21st. Residents can expect heavy wet snow, a lot of rain, and some strong coastal winds.

The latest weather models show that the storm will start off slow late Tuesday morning, and then gather strength as the day goes on. There’s a good chance that Philadelphia could see three to six inches of snow (cue loud groaning), and one to two inches of rain. However, that snow isn’t expected to stick around for long. The temperatures aren’t expected to be cold enough for it to stick and stay on the ground, and with March comes longer days (aka more sun). So at least there’s that!

Again, there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding this storm. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all get lucky and it will blow out to sea! We’ll keep you updated as the forecast develops.