Olivia Harvey
March 19, 2018 10:15 am

Weather, we need you to calm down. Residents of Massachusetts have experienced three nor’easters just this month, and word is we’re about to get another one later this week. Haven’t you had your fun, winter? Just give us spring already!

You Beantown residents are probably anxious to know if this fourth nor’easter will affect Boston. The short answer is: yes. Boston will see somewhat significant snow accumulation come Wednesday, March 21st, and Thursday, March 22nd.

However, it’s predicted that Boston will not see as much snowfall as the southern regions of Massachusetts during this upcoming nor’easter. The Boston Globe reports that Greater Boston will most likely only see 30% accumulation compared to other areas, though forecasters can’t yet predict exactly how much snow will fall (but snow is certainly expected for the city).

According to a map posted by the Boston National Weather Service Twitter account, the Wednesday afternoon storm will drop more snow on towns located in Plymouth County through the Cape and Islands. Local CBS affiliate WBZ meteorologist Barry Burbank also noted rain could hit the Cape and Islands, depending on the temperature.

Southern Massachusetts has been heavily bombarded with wind, snow, and rain during each nor’easter this month. Many homes throughout the state have lost power, and coastal towns have suffered severe flooding. The National Weather Service predicts that coastal flooding could yet again be a problem during Thursday morning’s high tide. And wind speeds could reach up to 50 mph.

Temperatures are also expected to remain low throughout the week. The high for Wednesday is predicted to be about 36 degrees, and Thursday’s high will be about 39 degrees.

Keep in mind that because the storm is still 48 hours away, weather patterns have the potential to shift and change the course of the storm and its severity.

Keep your eyes peeled on the weather updates to see how much snow could potentially slam Boston and Southern Massachusetts. Batten down the hatches, gas up the generator, and get ready for a fourth nor’easter.