A former Ulta employee is claiming Ulta Beauty or at least the Ulta location she used to work at was reselling used makeup products. According to a Twitter user, who goes by @fatinamxo, says the managers she worked with used to tell employees to repackage returned beauty products and resell them to customers as if they were brand new. Yikes!

Here’s the thing: big beauty retailers tend to have pretty relaxed return policies. It’s usually easy to return used items, and since it’s almost impossible to know whether a beauty product will work for you until you take it home and test it out, you can always bring it back if it’s not for you. Even if you haven’t touched the products, you can still return them, especially if you accidentally selected the wrong shade or the wrong product for your skin or hair type. And places like Ulta and Sephora make easy for customers to bring back items that don’t work for them for a full refund.

With that said, no one wants to pick up a used cosmetic product, and retailers should *never* resell an item after someone returns it. Ulta routinely assures its customers that open or used products will never be resold, but one former Ulta employee is claiming that her location didn’t practice this same standard.

Here’s what the former employee had to say, in a series of tweets: false

After making these accusations, she went on to describe some of the practices managers allegedly pushed on employees and listed products that they re-sold as brand new, including used liquid lipstick, foundation sticks, and eyeshadow palettes. false false

So gross! While it may seem like this could be a problem with a specific retail location, the former employee alleged that this was a widespread issue. “I thought it was only my store but looks like it’s most of them,” she wrote in another tweet accompanying a screenshot of a text conversation. false

Ulta responded to the allegations on Twitter to remind users of corporate policy (which does NOT support re-selling used products).

We love Ulta and hope these accusations aren’t true, but we would also suggest thoroughly checking products when you purchase them. You’re entitled to brand new items when you shop, and you should be getting them every time.