Florida public school teacher Dayanna Volitich removed from class for white nationalist podcast
Credit: Crystal River Middle School /

Unfortunately, white supremacy is still an issue in the United States. Even in 2018, although many are speaking out against white supremacy, there are still plenty of people who seek to spread these toxic ideals. And now, a Florida public school teacher has been removed from the classroom after an article revealed that she was behind a white nationalist podcast.

On March 2nd, the Huffington Post reported that Dayanna Volitich, a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Florida, had been secretly recording a white nationalist podcast called Unapologetic, using the pseudonym Tiana Dalichov. In episodes of the podcast, Volitich expressed the racist notion that people of different ethnicities have different levels of intelligence and said that Muslims should be eradicated. She also bragged about imposing her views on her students, saying that when school administrators approached her with concerns about political bias, she lied and said they had nothing to worry about.

Yesterday, March 4th, Volitich released a response to the story via her lawyer, in which she acknowledged that she was responsible for the podcast but claimed that it used “political satire and exaggeration,” and that her own views were not the same as those expressed by her alter-ego.

Yesterday, March 4th, Citrus County School District announced on its Facebook page that Volitich had been removed from the classroom and that an investigation into her behavior was being conducted.

Volitich also ran a since-deleted Twitter account under the same pseudonym as the podcast. The account used a photo of Volitich and frequently tweeted white supremacist statements such as, “It isn’t supremacist or hateful to prefer your own people over others.”

Regardless of if Volitich actually believed the things she said as “Tiana Dalichov,” it’s unacceptable that anyone would encourage these views, let alone a teacher. Finding and exposing neo-Nazis is important work, and we applaud the Huffington Post for reporting on Volitich’s podcast. All students deserve to feel welcome in the classroom.