Pugh shut down commenters who were coming after Bella Thorne.

Olivia Harvey
Jan 15, 2021 @ 11:00 am
Florence Pugh
Credit: Tolga AKMEN / AFP, Getty Images

As she made evident in the past, Florence Pugh will not allow for bullying of any kind on her social media pages. She stood her ground when haters ganged up on her boyfriend, Zach Braff for being older than her, and now she's sticking up for fellow actress Bella Thorne, who dared comment on Pugh's recent ravioli video. "I always appreciate your love," Pugh told her followers, "but not at the cost of bullying someone else."

On January 14th, Pugh posted a video of some homemade ravioli that would make any foodie's mouth water. Thorne commented, "Omg please come over and make food," and almost instantly, Pugh's fans/Thorne's haters came at her in the replies.

Thorne made negative headlines back in August when she joined the members-only platform OnlyFans and promoted "explicit" content for sale for upward of $200. After earning nearly $2 million from her followers, it was revealed her explicit content was falsely advertised, which led OnlyFans to tweak their rules regarding spending and payout limits. But, Thorne's scam threw the entire sex-working industry working on the platform under the bus with the payment cap, and her apology didn't really sit well with followers.

Even so, Pugh isn't about to let anyone get bullied in her Instagram comments section. "To all those negatively trashing Bella, I do not appreciate it or like seeing people being unnecessarily dragged on my page," Pugh wrote under Thorne's comment. "My page has NEVER been about that and I don't like seeing it. I always appreciate your love but not at the cost of bullying someone else."

florence pugh comment
Credit: @florencepugh, Instagram

In the past, Pugh has been forced to turn her comments off in order to avoid further bullying. But the reaction to her comment was wholly positive, with many fans responding "well said," so hopefully we can stop the pile-on and move on to requesting that ravioli recipe.