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Since at least Neolithic times, the art of tattooing has allowed human beings to express culture, heritage, religion, and artistry on their own skin. In the USA’s current political and cultural climate, it’s vital to identify, support, and fight for your own personal beliefs, and some Americans are using the age-old tradition of tattooing as one way to do so.

Kiss My Angeles (a feminist podcast and blog) is hosting a Flash Tattoo Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood in the Los Angeles area. As of publishing, 6,900 people are interested in the event, while 1,100 say they’re going. Seven tattoo shops in the Los Angeles area will be participating, including Boartooth Tattoo, Holistic Tattoo, Ink’d Chronicles Tattoo Studio, Mule Tattoo, Kingswell, and Thunderbird Tattoo.

Sarah Bhorntus, the Event Organizer, told HelloGiggles that the idea started with her wanting her own personal tattoo to commemorate participating in the Women’s March, but after making a connection with a tattoo artist and cold-calling other shops, she decided to host a fundraiser.

Credit: Kiss My Angeles

Artists have created a flash tattoo sheet displaying which designs are available for the fundraiser, from the words “Nasty Woman” to the female gender symbol, to the phrase, “my body, my choice.”

Credit: Drawings by Artist Christa Ritchie and Apprentice Nyra Cruz

Sarah also wanted to have a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood specifically because of her history with the organization.

This fundraiser in Los Angeles isn’t the only one raising money for Planned Parenthood. The shop Magic Cobra Tattoo Society is pairing with Magick City (a performance space “for live music, art happenings, flavor raves, and be-ins”) in Brooklyn, NY to put on the event “Tattoo to Protect Your Parts: A Planned Parenthood Benefit.” As of publishing, 4,400 people are interested and 1,100 have said they’re going.

Credit: Drawings by artist Adam Korothy

“The tattoos we’ve designed are pretty empowering,” artist Adam Korothy told Brokelyn. “We all contributed.”

Similarly, Sarah said that using tattoos to raise money feels like a specific way to empower a certain group of young activists.

The Tattoo to Protect Your Parts: A Planned Parenthood Benefit takes place in Brooklyn, NY this Wednesday, February 8th and the Flash Tattoo Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood will take place in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 19th.