Anna Sheffer
May 02, 2019 10:45 am

When you’re about to go on a first date, fielding your family’s never-ending list of questions is usually the last thing you want to do. But one woman recently solved the problem—by making an informational pamphlet.

According to Mashable, comedian Mary Beth Malone met a guy at a wedding who lived in Miami, and they decided to meet up when she’d be in town on a big family vacation later in the year. She knew it would be a challenge to go on a date while surrounded by so many (highly inquisitive) family members, and thus, the pamphlet idea was born.

Malone tweeted pictures of the pamphlet yesterday, May 1st. The front page bore the brutally honest subtitle, “Here’s everything you don’t actually need to know but will definitely ask,” and from there, it only got more hilarious. The inside fold contained answers to “Frequently Asked Questions,” such as “Who is this guy?” “How old is he?” and “What’s the parking situation in Miami?”

As of May 2nd, the pictures of Malone’s pamphlet have been liked more than 37,500 times and retweeted more than 2,800 times. Clearly, the situation is extremely relatable.

Kudos to Malone for solving one of the most annoying parts of dating. We might even have to steal this idea for ourselves.