Karen Belz
Updated Jan 16, 2018 @ 9:25 am
ABC News / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba6ocbxWuoA

While we’ve always respected our local firefighters, this video is literally making us tear up with pride. After a fire broke out in DeKalb County, Georgia last week, courageous firefighters caught children who were thrown from the third story of an apartment complex, bringing them to safety. And thanks to helmet cameras, the footage made its way online — and quickly went viral.

The footage shows the building, identified as the Avondale Forest Apartment complex, completely engulfed in flames with the tenants desperately trying to climb down to safety on ladders. According to ABC News, a dozen people were trapped in the building, but thanks to the firefighters, everyone was rescued and only a few minor injuries were reported. Around 20 units were affected by the flames.

Captain Eric Jackson, who was on the scene, reported that adults were being pulled from the building before the firefighters even attempted to extinguish the fire. “Before we had even put a hose line on the fire, we had firefighters that were bringing adults out,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That just shows you the bravery and the expeditiousness of our firefighters putting life safety first before they even put any water on the fire.”

This news report shows some of the terrifying footage:

The firefighters continued helping the families affected by promoting an event in which necessities were provided to those who lost their homes in the incident.

We’re sending our love to the families affected by the fire, and sending out a giant thank you to the brave women and men of the DeKalb County Fire Department.