final destination (2000)
Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty

Get ready to evade death for the sixth time: A Final Destination reboot is in the works. Saw writers and horror film connoisseurs Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are set to pen the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The reboot marks the sixth film of franchise, the first of which was released in March 2000. The Final Destination films follow characters who experience bleak premonitions of death, only to cheat the occurrence. However, survivors are then confronted with forces that seek to claim their lives.

Devon Sawa, who starred in the original 2000 film, took to Twitter on January 11th to gush about the franchise.

After a fan expressed the desire for Sawa to return to the franchise, the actor wrote, “Almost every FD movie since one has been highly entertaining. I can’t wait to see a reboot. The premise is second to none and there’s probably some great young talent out there ready to…. outrun death’s plan.”

Sawa starred opposite Ali Larter in the James Wong-directed 2000 film. Final Destination garnered $112 million worldwide with just a $23 million budget. The franchise has cemented its cult status in the horror genre. The film was followed by four more installments.

No details have been provided in terms of plot and cast for the reboot, which will serve as a “re-imagining of the franchise.” So until we have more information, don’t drive behind trucks carrying large logs or ride on any roller coasters.