Reviews for Fifty Shades Freed have been pouring in, and you know what that means…the Rotten Tomatoes score is here, too. And it’s, um, not great. Like, way less than 50% not great. As it currently stands, Fifty Shades Freed‘s ranking on the website is at 13%, which, well, could be better.

The portions of Fifty Shades Freed reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes aren’t all too flattering; critics basically call it boring, which isn’t really a good thing, considering the movie is focused on high-stakes romance (and a whole lotta sex). Nevertheless, one reviewer — James Berardinelli at ReelViews — wrote, “The sex scenes are strangely mechanical and devoid of passion.” Ouch.

Really, though, the low score isn’t a *total* surprise, seeing as none of the Fifty Shades films have done too well on Rotten Tomatoes.

Specifically, Fifty Shades of Grey sits at 25%, with Fifty Shades Darker at 10%. But, of course, there were a few good reviews. One person — Gary M. Kramer at — said the new movie was, “Actually really mostly pretty good.” Which isn’t exactly a stellar review, but it isn’t bad either.

Not to mention, the Fifty Shades films have all been anything but ordinary. As Kyle Buchanan wrote for Vulture, “Any critic who would describe the Fifty Shades films as basic or boring is not to be trusted: These films are insane, delightful, and borderline avant-garde in how they continually stymie every expectation of what a movie is supposed to do.”

And we see his point. I mean, how often do films depict graphic, consensual sex, and make it look fun? You’ve got to hand it to Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan there.

IMHO, there’s nothing wrong with liking Fifty Shades Freed (or the series, for that matter),and there’s nothing wrong with not liking it. You’ve just gotta do you, you know. Curious to find out more? Fifty Shades Freed is currently in theaters.