Last week, Brenda Vaden took to Instagram to thank none other than “Trap Queen” rapper Fetty Wap for giving her son Jayden “the confidence to be different.”

Jayden, who lost his right eye at the age of 1 due to Retinoblastoma, has worn a prosthetic eye all his life. It wasn’t until he was introduced to the music of Fetty Wap, who lost his eye due to congenital glaucoma, that he had the confidence to go into the world without his prosthetic.

“[T]oday, after weeks of asking, Jayden is venturing the world without his prosthetic,” Vaden wrote on her post.”This young rapper unknowingly gave Jayden something we weren’t able to give him – the confidence to be different – and I am grateful to him. Thanks to Fetty Wap for saying F the world this is me, and for helping make our baby boy just a little more remarkable than he already is.”

Once the story caught steam on Instagram, Fetty Wap replied with yet another tidbit of inspiration.

“All I wanna do is show [people] that it’s not how you look or what you see it’s how you see it and what you’re looking for from yourself,” Fetty wrote in a comment. “I appreciate his confidence [and] I appreciate you taking the time out for me”.

Outside of catchy favorites like “My Way” and “Trap Queen,” Fetty’s positive influence on Jayden just makes us want to crown him as Rapper of the Year. Granted, he did win Best New Artist at the VMAs, but is there any way we can make a civilian awards show?

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