It’s February, the month of groundhogs, love, and springtime longing. We had a super blood blue moon eclipse on January 31st and have a new moon solar eclipse coming on February 15th. In other words, there is intense energy at play this month. But there is one thing that isn’t happening this month, and that’s a full moon — because February has a Black Moon for the first time in 19 years. As Time and Date explains, there are many definitions of a Black Moon. It is when there are two new moons in the same month, or it can be the name of a third new moon in a season of four new moons. However, the one we’re witnessing this month is the rarest.

In our case, a February Black Moon occurs about every 20 years, when there is either no new moon or no full moon over the course of the month.

In case you wanted a reminder of how special this Black Moon is, just remember that it hasn’t happened since 1999. Time and Date explains,

If a full moon is a time of completion, then a dark moon (or in our case, a Black Moon) is a time of manifestation. If you’re missing the moon’s light this month, use this energy to think about all the things you want to accomplish — and then make them happen. The cosmos are sending us a clear message that something special is coming. If you utilize this energy for empowering life choices, you’re sure to make the most of this Black Moon month.