The past year has seen several high-profile right-wing boycotts. In May, some called for a boycott of Netflix after the streaming service signed a contract with Barack and Michelle Obama. And in November, conservatives burned their Nike gear when activist and former football player Colin Kaepernick became the new face of the brand. The latest target of right-wing ire is none other than the chocolate brand Toblerone, which some groups are boycotting because of its recent halal certification (much like a kosher certification for Jewish people, a halal certification simply means the bars are okay to eat should one follow Muslim dietary restrictions).

According to USA Today, the iconic Swiss candy bar actually received its halal designation in April, but outrage over the news only recently began to take hold. The papernotes that a December social media post from the German far-right group Alternative for Germany brought attention to the change, calling it a sign of “Islamization.” Since then, the Islamophobic #BoycottToblerone hashtag has spread on social media. But those opposed to the boycott have pointed out that many common foods are inherently halal. Toblerone reportedly didn’t even need to adjust its recipe to earn the official designation.

Others saw the boycott as the perfect reason to buy Toblerone.

Mondelēz International, the company that owns Toblerone, told USA Today in an email that the halal certification was simply meant as an act of inclusion.

As far as we’re concerned, this hateful far-right boycott just leaves more delicious Swiss chocolates for the rest of us.