Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 30, 2016 12:46 pm
Flickr Creative Commons

We have such a soft spot for libraries. They’re like, the only thing left in the world that is good and pure and warm! Naturally, one of our biggest fears is losing a library book, or worse, forgetting all about overdue library books for several decades and owing the library a bunch of money… which is exactly what happened to this family! Yeah, these library lovers had overdue library books that they straight up forgot about. It’s actually all pretty hilarious, TBH.

So here’s what happened: the Kramer family borrowed books regularly from the library, but, at one point, two overdue library books were just forgotten about. They ended up borrowing the books for 42 YEARS!

Jon Kramer was in his parents’ house this year when he came across the two books and realized what happened. As he explained in a letter,

Our favorite part of this is how light-hearted they were about the debacle. We can definitely learn from this! According to The Washington Post, Kramer did some *major* math, and discovered that if the overdue books cost a nickel a day, and were missing for 31,046 days, the family should pay $1,552.30 to make up for this surprisingly hilarious mistake.

 They hilariously wrote to the library,

Like, LOL! This is just the sort of lighthearted, touching story we needed to wrap up 2016. Now to check and see if we have any overdue library books we’ve forgotten about…