Marie Lodi
Updated Jun 09, 2016 @ 6:26 pm
Credit: Universal Pictures

Being someone’s bridesmaid can already be a difficult, stressful job. Depending on your role in the wedding, you may have to plan a bachelorette party, organize a trip, make gift bags — the list goes on!

A reddit user named bridehairthrowaway shared her conundrum regarding a friend’s wedding that she was a bridesmaid in. The bride requested that her friend dye her natural red hair brown to match the other bridesmaids. Now, it’s common for a bride to want her bridesmaids to wear the same dress or at least one in the same color, but demanding their hair color be identical? Most of the commenters agreed that the bride went too far.

According to Distractify, the reason behind the request was even more disturbing. Apparently, the groom has a thing for redheads, and the bride was worried that her husband-to-be would be attractive to her friend. Um, what? That sounds more like prenuptial paranoia, rather than the usual wedding day jitters.

The poster removed much of her original post, but a few comments of hers are still visible — such as how she considered offering to wear a wig, but ultimately decided against it. It’s one thing to compromise a couple of things when it comes to helping a friend achieve her vision of the perfect wedding day — like wearing a hideous dress — but quite another to ask a friend to dye her hair a completely different color. Let’s hope the two friends resolved the issue and she was able to wear her hair natural without having to worry about any drama.

Credit: Giphy / NBC