Gina Vaynshteyn
July 09, 2015 11:54 am

Social media using friends, if scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through your feed has become a totally exhausting process, we have some awesome news for you. The Facebook gods have introduced a new, convenient way you can catch up on news and with friends, and it’s really similar to Myspace Top 8 (minus the whole Top 8 anxiety thing). Soon, you’ll be able to customize your news feed with only stuff that you really love — so you have more control over who and what you see on Facebook. Rad.

In an announcement from Facebook this morning, product manager Jacob Frantz explained the point of the revamped news feed: “To help prioritize stories, and make sure you don’t miss posts from particular friends and Pages, you can now select which friends and Pages you would like to see at the top of your News Feed.

Here’s what it’ll look like:

And if you’re having a little trouble deciding what you like best and who you want on your “see first” page, Facebook can help you with that. According to the New York Times, the social media platform will show you which pages you’ve looked at the most over the span of a week. “We show you all of your friends, but we’ve ordered them by how much you like and comment on them in news feed,” Facebook product management director Adam Mosseri said. “It’s really for the things you care about most.”

The upgrade will also allow you to sort through all the pages and people you decided to “unfollow,” just in case you wanna, you know, follow them again. Additionally, Facebook is rolling out a new feature that suggests pages you might like based on your interests (and these suggested pages and groups don’t necessarily need to have a lot of followers — which makes under-the-radar bands, websites, and companies that much more visible to you when they probably weren’t before).

Right now, all of the new feature are only available for iPhone or iPad users, but Facebook will be offering it to humans who have Androids soon. However, you should already be able to use the “see first” News Feed Preferences in your Facebook settings.

Check out how to use the new settings in detail right here.

(Images via Facebook)

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