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After much deliberation over the content that they are allowing onto Facebook, the social media giant has announced that they will be updating its rules to allow more graphic types of content that previously violated the community standards. This is a complicated issue since the standards for “graphic content” are subjective and ever-changing. But, from the sounds of it, they’ve put a lot of thought into the decision.

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It is currently unclear how Facebook will monitor graphic content from appearing in children’s feeds. They are currently working with the idea of an automated system or an opt-out option.


Facebook will be working with publishers, journalists, members of law enforcement and other departments to develop policies of what type of content is truly offensive or not.

We applaud Facebook for opening up their community standards. It’s understandable that they want to keep the internet a safe place for children. But with movements such as #FreeTheNipple and #BlackLivesMatter, it’s beneficial to open up the discussion on what is inappropriate and appropriate on Facebook.