Rosemary Donahue
June 21, 2016 10:48 am
Getty / Thomas Trutschel

After reading this article, you’re probably going to want to check your Facebook page. Facebook has made some interesting changes to the way they’ve organized what shows up when it comes to the personal information they show your friends and anyone who comes to look at your page.

They’ve recently made a few tiny adjustments to their settings, and it’s affected how your education and employment history is displayed in the Intro section on your page — meaning that basically, your entire history is out there, even that which you’ve intentionally hidden before.

Don’t worry – things that you’ve marked private won’t suddenly be put front and center, but things that haven’t previously shown up on your home page might now be there in a long list, and you might not want everyone to be able to see every single job you’ve had, nor all the schools you’ve attended (and all those majors you had!) before you finally settled somewhere.

This is just the new default setting for the Intro section of all users — you can always go in and manually fix it by making certain information private and curating your personal Intro section to make sure that it’s most relevant to who you are now. Here’s what mine looks like now:


It’s pretty easy to make the changes and remove anything you don’t want. Just hover over the area of the text and click the little pencil, and when you’re in the editing section for that information, click on the symbol that looks like a globe. That globe signifies that the whole world can see the info. Then, click the lock symbol so that the information becomes visible to “only me” (or, in this case, only you!). When you go back to your home page, that info should be taken out of your Intro.

Good luck!