Facebook spoilers
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As much as we enjoy social media, we’ve all experienced scrolling mindlessly through our feeds only to stumble across an unwanted spoiler. Maybe your coworker shared a meme about the end of Avengers: Infinity War before you made it to the theater. Maybe a random headline ruined the latest episode of Westworld. Whatever the source, spoilers stink, and Facebook’s latest feature, the “Keyword Snooze” is designed to stop them.

In a press release posted today, June 27th, Facebook announced that it’s testing an addition to News Feed that will allow you to block all mentions of a certain word or phrase for 30 days. To take advantage of the new feature once it launches, you’ll have to click on the top-right drop down menu on a post and select “Snooze Keywords.” From there, you’ll be able to choose the words you want to avoid. Posts containing those words or phrases won’t appear in your feed — no matter which person or page posts them.

Facebook previously enabled users to snooze any friend, group, or page, so “Keyword Snooze” seems like a logical next step.

TechCrunch reports that a select few users can use “Keyword Snooze” right now, while the rest of us have to wait until it rolls out to the public. A Facebook spokesperson told the website that Facebook is also considering adding preemptive snooze and recurring snooze features in the coming weeks.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Preventing certain words from popping up in your News Feed could potentially have mental health benefits as well. With “Keyword Snooze,” users will be able to avoid trigger words without counting on original posters to provide warnings. You could also use the option to block political content.

No matter how it’s used, “Keyword Snooze” has the potential to change our News Feeds for the better. We can’t wait to use it for ourselves.