Scarlet Meyer
Updated Mar 18, 2017 @ 1:38 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Facebook’s interface, like the world around it, is always changing. With each new round of changes there are the normal slew of reactions. Some are good. And, of course, others are not. However, the changes almost always end up becoming accepted and useful later. That’s why we’re kind of into their newest update.

This update turns the status you’re commenting on into a separate pop-up window!

By doing so, this update allows you to continue scrolling your newsfeed while replying to Facebook status notifications.

Mashable reports that users have recently been noticing that statuses they’re actively commenting on will pop up like a normal instant message. While we can totally see how this could seem annoying at first, it could turn into something really useful.

After all, sometimes an intense comment exchange on a status can feel just like an instant message conversation. And constantly flipping back into the notifications can get frustrating.

So this new feature makes it way easier by helping streamline your ability to reply.

And if you don’t like the sounds of this new idea, that’s no big deal at all. The new feature is easily turned off in your settings. So you can keep your Facebook experience customized to your liking. Unlike some new features in the past, this one is kind of optional.

It will be interesting to see this go down in our feeds. It’s great to keep caught up on all sorts of stuff by scrolling our newsfeed. So knowing that we can continue getting info while also getting updates may be just the digital multitasking feature we never knew we needed!