Currently, public schools in Alabama are going through some academic curriculum adjustments and will face some pretty significant changes in their science education. Starting in 2016, students will be required, for the first time, to learn about evolution, along with climate control —as approved by the Alabama State Board of Education. The last time the board took a vote on school studies was in 2005.

The Alabama State Board of Education (which is largely controlled by Republicans and/or religious minded people), has acknowledged that students within Alabama public schools that wish to move forward with a science-based education need a better foundation. Choosing not to teach such scientific importance like evolution and climate change does not set anyone up for success as they delve further into scientific fields.

However, the mandate isn’t forcing students to necessarily believe in evolution, or climate change —educators just want their students to learn the fundamental information. states that the new rules “don’t require that students believe in evolution or accept the idea that climate is changing globally.”

According to, the new standard set forward is as follows:

Though this ruling may come across as controversial to those who do not believe in evolution, it is a huge step forward for science, as well as for students in Alabama. Even if one chooses not to believe in evolution, it is important to be aware of evolutionary findings throughout history.

Beyond the introduction of evolution and climate change, Alabama public schools will be taking on more of a “hands on” learning approach. According to AL:

These changes are a big win for education. Understanding evolution and climate control more thoroughly will help students in Alabama become more familiar with their own thoughts and opinions —whatever those may be. And it will set them up for future success in the science field, which is important.