Korey Lane
Updated Feb 06, 2018 @ 11:09 am
Everything Sucks!
Credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix

Nostalgia is real, y’all. And with shows like Stranger Things and reboots of fan favorites like Full House, Roseanne, and Will & Grace, it’s easy to find a show to take you back. Way back, even. And the rise in popularity of shows set back in the day is definitely giving way to a whole new class of entertainment: In this case, we’re talking Netflix’s Everything Sucks!, which just dropped its trailer.

And it’ll *definitely* transport you back to the ’90s, in the best way.

So, what’s it all about? Everything Sucks! centers on a high school A/V club and a drama club. It’s set in 1996 and “takes place in Boring, Oregon, and the shenanigans are more of the ‘parent-teacher meeting’ variety than ‘other-worldly shadow demon.’ The real monster here is hormones,” according to Entertainment Weekly, which debuted the trailer. So, no, in case you were thinking this, it’s not the ’90s continuation of Stranger Things (note the lack of Demogorgons in the trailer), but like, there are still parallels (hey there, A/V club), and we’re here for it.

From the looks of said trailer, it seems as though there’ll be plenty of awkward moments, teen angst, and parental interference (honestly, we’d expect nothing less) to make you look back at your own high school experience with both nostalgia and embarrassment. Not to mention, the show looks seriously adorable, with its many sweet and budding romances. I mean, that asking-out viddy is too cute, right?

But best of all: Whether or not you went to high school in the ’90s, Everything Sucks! will remind you that, actually, not everything sucks, and that all those moments of suckage are, in fact, pretty beautiful.

Everything Sucks! will be available to stream on Netflix on February 16th, so let the countdown to ’90s goodness — Alanis Morissette references, the Dancing Baby, and all — begin.