Over the past year, as the #MeToo movement emboldened survivors of sexual assault and harassment to speak out, journalist Ronan Farrow’s name has appeared on numerous articles exposing the predatory behavior of powerful men. Farrow has long been an advocate for victims, notably condemning his father, Woody Allen, for allegedly abusing his sister, Dylan Farrow.

As a contributing writer for The New Yorker, Farrow has helped report on many accusations of sexual harassment and assault. The 30-year-old journalist famously helped expose media mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual predation. His reporting earned The New Yorker a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, which was shared with Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey of The New York Times. In addition to the Weinstein allegations, Farrow also reported on sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves, and physical abuse allegations against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Although he often works alone, he has collaborated with veteran reporter Jane Mayer on many of these stories. false

Even before he used his reporting to help give survivors a voice, Farrow often defended his sister, Dylan, telling the world that he believed her accusations against Allen. In a 2016 op-ed for The Hollywood Reporter, he wrote about the unfair treatment those who come forward often receive—especially women—and argued that it’s crucial for the press to treat accusers with respect.


Farrow has also been lauded for his reporting on LGBTQ issues. In a 2015 segment for the Today show, he profiled a transgender college student as she began hormone replacement therapy. In April 2018, he received a Courage Award from the Point Foundation for his reporting on trans issues. false

In addition to his groundbreaking work as a journalist, The Guardian notes that Farrow also has a law degree from Yale and worked as a special adviser on youth issues for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Farrow’s work has helped survivors speak their truth, and he has helped spark a (long overdue) revolution. Mr. Farrow, you are officially one of our heroes.