Credit: Spin Master

We all fondly remember the Tamagotchi craze that took over our lives, right? Well, apparently there’s a new kid in town.

Us Weekly let us know that parents are freaking out over this sold-out Hatchimals holiday toy. OMG, we’re feeling the virtual pet nostalgia already.

So what’s the deal with a Hatchimal, you ask? As the name suggests, it’s an egg that you love and care for that eventually hatches into an impossibly cute furry stuffed animal. You then get to witness its personality transform from a baby, to a toddler, and finally into a child!

It could be one of five species (that kinda sound like Harry Potter names, btws): Owlicorns, Bearakeets, Burtles, Draggles and Pengualas. Did we mention how they break into song, too? Yup, the Hatchimals sing “Hatchy Birthday” in-between growth stages!

Unsurprisingly, Hatchimals are catching on all over the place. false false

Due to the insane demand, the Hatchimals team left this message on their website:

And they’re thinking of the kids, which is adorable:

We totally get the obsession, because who wouldn’t want to have a little furry friend? Bring on the Hatchimals!

Christmas present for a kid you know…or for YOU perhaps?!