everyday hero cat
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

You know the drill: When you see two cats fighting and one falls into a river, you run over without panic or ceremony, save her, then walk away like it never happened. You’d think that was the rehearsed protocol for this anonymous London man who saved a cat from the Thames. After stumbling upon two cats fighting (they can’t along get along as nicely as these cats sharing a drink — or these cats ringing a bell to order up some treats), and witnessing one getting knocked into the water, the man dove into action.

It was a full on Lion King Scar and Mufasa LARP-ing gone too far. Luckily, it had a happy ending — which makes the whole thing hilarious to watch.

Felix, the official office cat of the Royal Docks Management Authority, was bravely trying to protect her territory when she was thrown into the river by another cat. In a statement to The Daily Mail, Royal Docks Management Authority said:

Security footage caught the two scampering out from an alleyway in a tussle. Felix tumbles a few times towards the water but is safe… until her enemy gives her a final push into the river. (In the enemy’s weak defense, she has an, “Oh crap!” response when Felix falls into the river. Which indicates she didn’t mean to push her that hard.)

Luckily, an anonymous human hero shows up in the nick of time. He jumps into action like it’s a choreographed movie, hops over the safety rope, drops to his belly, reaches into the river and pulls the cat from danger

Like any solid animal rescue story, Twitter loved it. false false


Maybe the funniest part of the footage is after the rescue when the two walk away like nothing ever happened.

The RoDMA reports, “Felix suffered no injury or trauma. She also seems to be completely unaware that the rest of the RoDMA team have been laughing behind her back after the blase ‘nothing to see here’ routine that followed her dunking.”

But we saw, Felix. We all saw. And our review is this: Felix, you’re a hilarious goof. And to the man who saved her, you’re our hero.