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Image of Etsy dinosaur planter
Credit: HouseofLongfellow / https://www.etsy.com/listing/501810920/build-your-own-dinosaur-planter-air?ref=explore_page

We love our plants like they’re family. That’s why we’re taking the World of Etsy Sales Event very seriously. One of the “Worlds” featured in the online sale is Charming Gardens and guys, we’re seeing green — lots and lots of green. We want all the garden goods Etsy has to offer. To help spread the seeds of knowledge about the World of Etsy Sale, we’ve compiled 17 things plant-lovers need from the Charming Gardens portion of the sale.

Charming Gardens is just one of eight “Worlds” featured in the Etsy sale. Other featured categories include Celestial Skies, Maker’s Village, Pet Paradise, and Personalized Place. Shoppers can find amazing products in each World for 20-40% off. The sale has been going on since March 22nd and will last until March 29th.

It’s easy to get lost in the World of Etsy Sale (there are over 50 million products currently on the site). So to narrow it down for you, we’ve combed through the World of Charming Gardens to find some fresh and organic items that both you and your plants will love.

Take off your gardening gloves and hop onto Etsy to see what deals you can nab. No matter how big or small your garden is, these products will add a bit of charm to any raised bed or window sill succulent display.

1Handmade Wheel Thrown Ceramic Planter ($23.79)

Credit: SenayCeramics / www.etsy.com

Each planter is unique — just like each of your plants!

2Geometric Glass Terrarium ($15.30+)

Credit: RevelryPartyCompany / www.etsy.com

All that glitters is gold.

3Tree-Of-Life Necklace ($46.05+)

Credit: LifePowerArt / www.etsy.com

This looks like something out of Lord of the Rings and we’re here for it.

4Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand ($31.50+)

Credit: BigFishInnovations / www.etsy.com

Clean, mod, and totally on trend.

5Round Woven Basket Planter ($14.40)

Credit: ShantyTownVintage / www.etsy.com

When it comes to baskets, the more lopsided and handmade looking, the better.

6House Number Planter ($49.50)

Credit: TheWoodsCollective / www.etsy.com

Yeah, just look for the house with the incredibly chic house number/succulent box combo.

7Washable Paper Bag Planters ($7.49+)

Credit: WarmGreyCompany / www.etsy.com

Paper bags aren’t just for school lunches anymore.

8Build Your Own Dinosaur Planter ($19.80)

Image of Etsy dinosaur planter
Credit: HouseofLongfellow / https://www.etsy.com/listing/501810920/build-your-own-dinosaur-planter-air?ref=explore_page

Try not to collect them all. We dare you.

9FIG LIFE Fauna Phone Case ($33.99+)

Credit: KhristianAHowell / www.etsy.com

Ring ring! Photosynthesis calling.

10Concrete Head Planter ($12.23)

Credit: RoKDesignStudio / www.etsy.com

It’s like a Chia Pet, but cooler.

11Yellow Macrame Plant Hanger ($17.36)

Credit: KnittyStories / www.etsy.com

Made with happiness, sunshine, and warmth.

12Leaping Lizards Chameleon Planter ($43.20+)

Credit: CindySearles / www.etsy.com

Is it your pet or your plant? It’s both!

13Penelope Flowering Cacti Planter ($22.39)

Credit: thingsbybea / www.etsy.com

These are actually too cute for us to handle right now.

14Hand Printed Floral Leggings ($68)

Credit: thiefandbandit / www.etsy.com

Live, breathe, and wear flower power.

15Air Plant Jellyfish Planters ($17.50)

Credit: SimplyMAEdwithlove / www.etsy.com


16Coil Basket Planters ($47.60)

Credit: HouseOfBristow / www.etsy.com

For plants, fruit, candy — you name it!

17Plant Peacock Chairs ($10.50)

Credit: WhiteElephantCo / www.etsy.com

Because your plants deserve their own thrones.

Go ham and really root around within the Charming Gardens section of the World of Etsy Sale. You’re likely to find something (if not fifty things) you really cannot do without.