Engagement ring piercing
Credit: Instagram/ontheflywoods

Getting engaged and planning a wedding comes with so many different traditions you’re supposed to follow, but not everyone is into them. It’s becoming more and more common for couples to branch out and do something new and unique, whether it comes to the ceremony, the reception, or what everyone will be wearing. Even engagement rings seem to be changing with the times. Some of the newest trends include horizontal rings, colored stones, and engagement ring piercings.

It can be really fun to do something no one else is doing, which is why that last one might sound very intriguing.

But there are some things you need to know before getting an engagement ring piercing.

This is a microdermal piercing, which is a piercing on a flat surface of the body. People typically get them in places like their collarbone or back, and they are known to involve possible risks. An engagement piercing is a microdermal piercing on the ring finger, where the enagement ring is traditionally worn.

If that sounds like it isn’t the best idea ever, that’s because, well, it isn’t. We asked dermatologist Dr. Shari Lipner, assistant professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medicine, for her thoughts. She said,

Those risks don’t sound fun. On top of that, these piercings hurt a lot more than, you know, just wearing a ring. One body piercer told Refinery 29 that while the pain won’t be more significant than any other piercing, it could take “several months” to heal.

These piercings are also pretty annoying to deal with. Dr. Lipner says, “Since they cannot be removed easily, they may also be problematic during security screening at airports and for medical imaging, such as MRI machines.”

That’s probably not something that comes to mind, but it’s definitely something important to consider. Not to mention all of the little annoyances: the odd placing of this piercing means it could easily catch onto something, like your shirt, your pants, or gloves. Ouch!

So while these engagement ring piercings look cool, we suggest you weigh your options before diving it. Go for it if you’re up for the risk! Just know that they’re definitely going to be a little tricky to handle.