This picture of Emma Watson will make Hermione/Draco stans VERY happy

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In case you didn’t know, Emma Watson and Tom Felton, aka Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, are BFFs IRL. Back in November 2018, Dramione fans lost their minds when Watson posted a video of the two riding a skateboard together at the beach. After their hangout went viral, Felton told Us Weekly that they “see each other quite a lot” and that he “always [enjoys] spending time with her.” And it looks like he wasn’t kidding.

On Sunday, February 17th, Watson posted a casual (but stunning, still) portrait of herself on Instagram. She’s smiling in the passenger seat of a car, rocking a backwards baseball cap. At first glance, it looks like it could be a behind-the-scenes shot from a movie set. But after you read the caption, you’ll realize it’s proof of yet another Emma/Tom hang.

“Friends capture you best,” Watson captioned the pic.

Are you freaking out yet, Hermione/Draco stans?

We’re a little tempted to start planning a Harry Potter-themed wedding, but we’ll hold off. As much as we’d love for Watson and Felton to be dating IRL, it seems like they’re just really good friends. After all, they did basically grow up together on the sets of eight Harry Potter movies.

Felton is quite good at keeping in touch with his Harry Potter cast mates.

Whether it’s supporting Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway, hanging out with Matthew Lewis, or reuniting with his on-screen father Jason Isaacs, he always makes time for a little bit of magic.

Five points to Slytherin for Mr. Malfoy’s unending commitment to friendship and impressive display of photography skills.

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