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Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 25, 2014
Credit: DVT/Star Max/Getty Images

It’s not like she has to go out of her way to prove it to us, but Emma Watson is trying her hardest to save the world in whatever way she can. It feels like not a day goes by when we don’t her about something she’s doing to try and make our planet the *best* that it can be. And like, honestly, it’s working. In these dark times, the whip-smart IRL wizard — and future Disney princess — is using her voice in the best way possible to initiate change, and we love her so much for it.

A few weeks ago she confessed that she had been hiding books — AHEM, feminist books — on the London Underground, and we were like, “ohmygosh, of course she is.” Following the results of yesterday’s Presidential Election here in the United States, Emma is once again hiding books. Just this time, she’s doing it on the New York City subway.

Earlier today, she Tweeted out her plan, and we were like 👏.

For those out who need to see something to believe it, Emma then shared a post of her actually hiding the books to Instagram.

Ugh sorry hold on, we’ve just got something in both our eyes right now.

The book she’s hiding is the same one she hid all over the Underground, Maya Angelou’s Mom & Me & Mom. It also happens to be the November and December book for her feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf.

If you’re reading this, and in the NYC area, hopefully you’re heading down to the subway right now to try and find one of these copies yourself — Emma’s even writing encouraging words in the pages, and we need those encouraging words!!