Meaghan Kirby
Updated Mar 14, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

Sure, New England has been plagued with three nor’easters over the course of the past few weeks, but if there’s one thing to know about New Englanders, it’s that an abundance of snow isn’t going to keep anyone from living their best lives. And nothing exemplifies that more than a heroic Boston-based Disney Princess, who dug a Boston police vehicle out of a snowbank during a night out with friends — all while dressed as Elsa.

The Good Samaritan — whom People identified as lawyer Jason Triplett — was fittingly dressed as the Frozen queen while out to drinks with friends at The Gallows in Boston’s South End when he saw the Boston police vehicle struggling to get out of a pile of rapidly building snow.

The Gallows manager Allegra Wolff told People that the vehicle got stuck after officers came in to grab a quick bite to eat but the quickly falling snow kept the car firmly in place as they tried to drive away. Seeing the vehicle struggle to move, Triplett couldn’t just let it go, so he sprung into action — wig and all — to help the Boston police officers on their way.

Thankfully, Christopher Hayes, a fellow patron inside The Gallows was on hand to capture the magical event on camera.

Luckily, having spent a lot of time in the snowy mountains of Arendelle, Elsa knew exactly what to do. Triplett as Elsa singlehandedly guided and pushed the vehicle out of the snowbank. And like, someone better call Disney ASAP because this could be a great subplot for Frozen 2.

Okay, sure, maybe a few of the cheering patrons *could* have helped out, but Triplett was totally up for the task on his own. Plus, then we wouldn’t have this glorious footage. Triplett told People that while he understood his viral flame would be fleeting, he would like one thing to come from it. He said, “Everyone will be over it by noon. But if this is my 15 minutes, I would like to leverage it to meet Adam Rippon.”

It seems the cold never bothered him anyway.