Anna Sheffer
Updated November 20, 2018

It’s no secret that—despite the many, many talented people of color in the film industry—Hollywood still lacks diversity. And when women and people of color are hired to work on movie sets, they often face unequal power dynamics and significant pay gaps compared to their white male counterparts. So when Ellen Pompeo dropped some major truth bombs about discrimination in the entertainment industry during a recent panel discussion, Gabrielle Union was here for it.

On November 16th, Union and Pompeo participated in Net-a-Porter’s “The Big Television Debate” along with Gina Rodriguez and Emma Roberts. Over the course of the 24-minute panel discussion, the women opened up about their struggles to receive the pay they deserve. In one particularly powerful moment, Pompeo spoke candidly about white people’s responsibility to advocate for more diversity. She said she “didn’t see enough color” when she walked onto the set that day and recalled a separate instance in which she told the director of an endorsement project to hire more non-white faces.

Twitter users celebrated Pompeo for being such a strong ally—but they also pointed out that Union’s facial expression during the comments was a total mood.

Union herself also discussed the importance of inclusion, noting that it’s hard to advocate for marginalized groups if you yourself don’t know people in those groups.

Watch the entire conversation below:

Fighting for racial and gender equality is critical, and we’re glad that Union, Pompeo, Rodriguez, and Roberts are raising their voices about these important issues.