Briana Hansen
Updated Mar 02, 2017 @ 11:15 am
george w bush
Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Former President George W. Bush recently visited Ellen. The politician stopped by the show to discuss his latest book, Portraits of Courage. In the course of their discussion, Ellen brought up the now-infamous trouble the former president had with his poncho during the inauguration.

And, in typical Ellen fashion, gave George W. Bush a special poncho for the next big event.

Before receiving the gift, Bush was a great sport about the whole poncho debacle. He laughed about the issues he had with it. And he even joked that, based on the pictures, it looked like he’d never put one on before.

As a gesture of (hilarious) goodwill, Ellen then brought out a poncho she had made just for Bush. The poncho had the seal of the President of the United States of America. It looked very formal at first.

Until she peeled off the seal and revealed a “THIS END UP” sign on the poncho.

Bush laughed about the gift. And he stood up to show that he understood how it was supposed to fit, thanks to the sign.

Along with all the laughter between the two, the former president did take time to discuss his meaningful book, Portraits of Courage. The book is a collection of paintings by Bush himself of veterans who have inspired him. The proceeds from the book’s sales will go to help provide services to veterans.

Two of the featured veterans from the book were even in the audience attending.

Seeing Bush and Ellen laugh together on so many levels is truly a delight. And we’re happy that the former president now has his own special poncho to help out in case of future rainy situations.