Anna Sheffer
Updated June 07, 2018

On May 31st, Maroon 5 dropped the music video for their song “Girls Like You,” featuring a ton of female role models. On top of Cardi B rapping in a yellow power suit, it seemed like all of our favorite ladies appeared on screen, from Gal Gadot, to Aly Raisman, to Tiffany Haddish, to (of course!) Ellen DeGeneres. And when it came time to cast the iconic vid, Ellen was reportedly the first person Adam Levine called.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published yesterday, June 6th, the director of the video, David Dobkin, discussed the process of conceptualizing and creating “Girls Like You.” Dobkin said he originally wanted to make a montage of historic women, but Levine suggested doing a shoot with a a number of modern-day role models instead. When Dobkin proposed circling Levine and a rotating cast of powerful women, the singer agreed, and immediately knew who he should ask to join.

The director went on to discuss making the video, which he said took five months, including five days of filming. Dobkin said that DeGeneres was one of the first to shoot her segment, and as always, she was a natural.

After DeGeneres signed on, Dobkin and Levine reportedly wrote personal letter to the women they hoped would agree to be featured.

The finished “Girls Like You” video speaks for itself, IOHO.

We’re not at all surprised that Levine first thought of Ellen for this project — or that she totally crushed it. And now we just want to watch “Girls Like You” on repeat and feel inspired by all these amazing women.