elle fanning on the red carpet
Credit: Thomas Niedermueller / Stringer, Getty Images

While shooting her new Hulu series The Great, Elle Fanning said that she and the rest of the cast and crew spent a lot of time thinking of ways to pass the time and bond with one another. It was during one of these bonding sessions that Fanning discovered she’s a dead ringer for Brad Pitt—beard and all. In the group’s Celebrity Doppelgänger Challenge, Fanning transformed herself into the icon, and it’s truly LOL-worthy.

She revealed her discovery to Jimmy Fallon during the May 12th at-home episode of The Tonight Show, showing everyone an insane side-by-side picture of herself in full Pitt cosplay and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor.

“That’s me,” Fanning said, showing off the comparison shots. “That’s Brad Pitt in his beard-bead phase when he wore beard beads.”

“Basically we would do this on set, it was called the Doppelgänger Challenge and, the set of The Crown did it as well,” she continued. “Our makeup designer did The Crown, so she was like—we were in competition with them and we totally won. We went all out, the cast. We had this group chat, going dressed up as, like, celebrities, people from different characters in film.”

Okay, so she doesn’t exactly convince us she’s Pitt’s twin, but she does convince us that we need to be BFFs with her.

Not only did Fanning master Brad Pitt, but she also pulled off Bill the Butcher, Daniel Day-Lewis’s character in Gangs of New York. We wonder if she also went full method for her DDL “role.”“You had to grab things from the makeup trailer in five minutes and put it together, so we got creative,” she said.

Obviously, along with Brad Pitt and Bill the Butcher, Fanning did an amazing cosplay of Catherine the Great during her time filming the comedic period show. The Great premieres on Hulu on May 15th. We can’t promise “beard beads” will make an appearance, but we can promise Fanning’s sense of humor will be on full display.