Elizabeth Hurley and her family have had a tough few weeks. The Royals star celebrated the Easter holiday with her nephew Miles Hurley just weeks after he was brutally stabbed in London. On Sunday, April 1st, the actress shared her first photo with the 21-year-old since the attack, writing that she’s “thanking God” he’s alive and was able to join his family despite the fact that he’s still recovering from his stab wounds.

She also warned fans that the attackers are still on the loose, and that someone else’s loved ones could be attacked next. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Miles was stabbed multiple times last month and lost four pints of blood in the horrifying incident. Since then, Hurley has urged anyone who wishes to put an end to this kind of violence to contact the police immediately.

The photo shows Hurley wearing Easter bunny ears as she affectionately kisses her nephew on the cheek.

Last month, Hurley provided a detailed account of what happened the night of the stabbing alongside a picture of the suspects’ car taken from a surveillance camera. Miles and his friend were driving in a beige Fiat 500 when they were involved in an accident with a black hatchback.

A fight broke out, which led to a high speed chase that ended with a group of men assaulting Miles and his friend before fleeing the scene.

We’re glad Miles is doing better and hope his attackers will be brought to justice.