Ed Sheeran just released his new music video for "Happier."
Credit: Ed Sheeran / YouTube

Every time a new Ed Sheeran music video drops, we can’t help but sigh over the singer’s vocals and serious artistic flair. In the past year, we’ve swooned over the “Perfect” video and admired the redhead’s muscles in the “Shape of You” music video. Now, the “Happier” music video is out — and Sheeran’s old puppet clone is the star.

In “Happier,” the puppet forlornly walks down the street and sits alone in bars as he lip-syncs along to Sheeran’s heart-rending breakup ballad. The singer’s doppelganger spends much of the video pining over his ex — who, fittingly, is a woman made of balloons — and spying on her with her new flame. In the video’s climax, Puppet Ed starts to see balloons everywhere he turns, implying that no matter what he does, he can’t escape the memories of his former girlfriend.

A February 2017 GQ profile of Sheeran hailed “Happier” as featuring the songwriter’s “cleverest and most mature lyrics yet,” and the “Happier” music video makes it clear why. As the puppet reminisces on his lost love while Sheeran croons, “‘Cause baby you look happier, you do/My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too,” it’s hard not to get a little choked up.

We never thought puppets could make us feel so many feelings.

Sheeran’s marionette doll look-a-like made his debut in the video for “Sing,” when we watched him partying in a limo and flirting with bartenders.

As for Sheeran himself, the singer announced his engagement to his long-time partner Cherry Seaborn at the end of 2017, so thankfully, it seems the singer is much happier than this new music video implies.

With the “Happier” music video, Sheeran is breaking our hearts all over again. We’re looking forward to our next glimpse of Puppet Ed — but hopefully next time, the circumstances will be a little more cheerful.