Nicole Cord-Cruz
January 29, 2018 1:30 pm

Ed Sheeran won big at the 2018 Grammy Awards, bagging two of the night’s top honors — Best Pop Solo Performance for “Shape of You” and Best Pop Vocal Album for ÷ (Divide). People had mixed reactions to Ed Sheeran’s wins: Some people booed, some people cheered, but everyone questioned why there was an Ed Sheeran-shaped hole on stage.

While everyone was wondering where Sheeran was, Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to (hilariously) explain.

Hours later, Ed Sheeran explained what he was really doing on the night of the 2018 Grammys — and as it turns out, DeGeneres really wasn’t *too* far off.

While everyone else was having a rad time at the prestigious awards show, the 26-year-old crooner was catching some z’s. And hey, pop stars need their sleep too, you know?

The singer didn’t provide further explanation about why he didn’t show up, but many had a lot to say about his victories despite his absence. People were upset that Sheeran took home the award for Best Pop Solo Performance, a category dominated by women: Kesha (“Praying”), Kelly Clarkson “Love So Soft”), Pink (“What About Us”), and Lady Gaga (“Million Reasons”). And many were upset that the awards show, more broadly, was so male dominated.

Like DeGeneres, we wish that everyone nominated for the category could have won, but we’re still extending our congratulations.