Jessica Booth
January 23, 2018 10:33 am

Just after midnight, residents of Alaska got a big scare when a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Kodiak Island. The earthquake was followed up with a slew of tsunami warnings from the Alaskan coast to British Columbia. The west coasts of both Canada and the United States were placed on high alert. The warnings and alerts have since been lifted, but still — these scary tweets about the earthquake show how freaked out people were.

While things have calmed down, everyone isn’t in the clear just yet. Aftershocks of up to a 5.3 magnitude have been felt throughout Alaska since the earthquake hit. Before the tsunami warning was canceled, emergency alarms went off and residents were told to evacuate or move to higher ground. During the earthquake, residents of Kodiak Island reported feeling shaking for “about a minute.”

Weather centers are still advising U.S. West Coast residents to steer clear of the ocean, even though they have dropped the alerts for a tsunami. It’s been a hectic morning, to say the least, and while we can’t imagine how those in the affected areas are feeling, we can get a better idea thanks to Twitter.

Some of the scariest tweets included the bare facts about the earthquake:

Residents tweeted eerie videos about the warnings in place:

Others tweeted about what it was like to find out they had to evacuate:

And some described the earthquake itself:

We hope everyone is staying safe out there as we continue to monitor the situation.