Photo of Earth Day Google Doodle Jane Goodall
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Dr. Jane Goodall has an important message to share this Earth Day, April 22nd. If there’s anyone whose advice you should listen to on Earth Day, it’s probably her, considering Goodall spent decades living in the jungle with chimpanzees in Tanzania for her groundbreaking wildlife research. In today’s special Earth Day Google Doodle, Goodall tells the story of a life-changing experience she had while living amongst chimps.

While in science classes, most kids learn about about ecosystems like the jungles in which Goodall lived. We were taught how even the tiniest tree ants have a role in creating the landscape, just as Goodall describes. So, then, it only makes sense that humans are significantly involved in creating — and changing — their environments. That message has a profound significance on Earth Day, when we all take stock in our potential contributions to climate change.

Goodall’s Earth Day message is powerful, but Google Doodle’s animation makes its fun at the same time.

Credit: Courtesy of Google

In the video, we see a young Jane grow up and play with different animals, which is pretty adorable. Towards the end of the animation, Goodall asks viewers: “What better day than Earth Day to really make a determined effort to live lives in better harmony with nature?”

Even though Goodall’s video is about treating the planet better, it also serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness.

What a powerful reminder of how individual changes can add up to make a big difference.

There are plenty of ways to help fight for the environment, and if you’re feeling inspired by Goodall — and how could you not? — it’s a great time to join the fight against climate change.

Check out Goodall’s Earth Day message in full below: