A 21-year-old college student at Robert Gordon University in the U.K. was so excited to interview for Microsoft’s University Recruitment team that she showed up for the interview a month early. Laura MacLean’s Skype interview with Microsoft was scheduled for February 18th, 2019, but on January 18th, she sat by her laptop waiting for the Skype call that never came. After staring at an empty screen for 15 minutes, MacLean emailed the recruiter asking: “I haven’t received a Skype call yet for my interview? Just wondering if it’s working?”

Here’s where all the cringe sets in. The recruiter responded: “Our interview is scheduled for 18th of February at the same time. We look forward to speaking to you then.”

Reader, it gets worse.

MacLean, still unaware of the actual date, doubles down and writes back: “It is the 18th of February.” The recruiter patiently responded that it was January, and even wrote the month in bold.

Poor MacLean was so embarrassed that she shared the emails on Twitter and lamented that she was “all dressed up ready n freaking out for my big skype interview with Microsoft and this happens.”

Her post went viral and, not surprisingly, others chimed in to say that they had done the exact same thing.

MacLean later told Buzzfeed that she was just really excited for the interview and prided herself “in being very prepared and an organized person.” The recruiter eventually responded to MacLean that “some mistakes just happen.” The Microsoft Twitter account even found her viral tweet and sent her a cheeky, “Can’t wait to laugh about this on the 18th. Of February.”

Good luck at your interview, girl…in February.